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  1. Bundy

    Cronulla Sharks Board + Management

    LOL. Tickets aside, isn't a Board with vision and unity something we're all after! Haha. Throw in a bit of integrity and we're off and running. Why didn't sparkles call his ticket Sharks Integrity.
  2. Bundy

    Cronulla Sharks Board + Management

    The day a Board member scores the winning try and a GF and thus 'delivers a premiership' will be an astonishing one indeed.
  3. Bundy

    Cronulla Sharks Board + Management

    I find this article far more interesting...
  4. Bundy

    'I sense it's a big weekend for Hisense' -

    So was it undersold or was it sold to the value of a muddied brand? I've been told similar re the Hisense figure but I've also been told they valued the back of the jersey more than the front. I reckon they're right too in terms of exposure during games (particularly TV exposure).
  5. Bundy

    Black Strip

  6. Bundy

    Jeff Morris - Sharkies Leagues Club General Manager

    SJP is a HUUUUGE club.
  7. Bundy

    Members round

    I don't understand why you won't be able to wear it? You still get it Rd10. You were always were going to get it Rd10. What has changed that will not allow you to wear it? Nor do I understand why Rd10 is a more deserving Rd than Rd15? What's the difference?
  8. Bundy

    Sharkies Quiz

    David Peachey
  9. Bundy

    Food & Drink prices at the Footy

    That was more my point.
  10. Bundy

    Food & Drink prices at the Footy

    If you can't get through 80mins of footy without having a drink you've got enormous problems. If you've got kids it can't be that hard to pack them some food and drink. Cheap compared to music festivals. Expensive compared to your local bowlo. Probably line ball compared to most other footy...
  11. Bundy

    Jobs of Sharks Forever people

    Thats what they pay me to do
  12. Bundy

    Jobs of Sharks Forever people

    Work in a bowling club.
  13. Bundy

    Deployed shark fans say G'day!

    Is 'Grimmo' one of those several Sharks fans? Tell him I said g'day.
  14. Bundy

    Gals superman shirt design

    It can't be too hard. There's no doubt some issues - The NRL own the Sharks logo for licensing purposes (or something to that effect anyway), and the whole 'Superman' thing but surely nothing that can't be overcome. I'd suggest they're things you would have to research and resolve before...
  15. Bundy

    The Big Shark

    Cheers. They need to get some better coverage on it somehow. Unless it's in position for TV coverage?
  16. Bundy

    The Big Shark

    I don't for one second doubt your knowledge of all things Sharks Fitz, whjich is why I'm asking the question. How does a company that provides online business solutions have anything to do with an inflatable Sharks Head Tunnel? I didn't get a close look at it, do they sponsor it?
  17. Bundy

    My Sharks Deals

    It's just the latest in white labelling websites isn't it? did it a few years ago. You could have,, etc etc, they went into bowling clubs as well. You got a branded page that looked like you were betting with the sharks but ultimately you were...
  18. Bundy


    Pretty sure JT is the Roosters kicking coach.
  19. Bundy

    What is your opinion?

    Except you're taking two players out of the squad and replacing them with one. At least one other needs to be signed on at least minimum wage. Plus the potential for Carney to earn big dollars in yr2 of his contract.
  20. Bundy

    Pre-season photos

    Who needs Tongue when you've got Liccha and Alcock, Alcock and Liccha.