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  1. bullshark77

    THE SHARKCAST: A Cronulla Sharks Podcast

  2. bullshark77

    Official Michael Ennis

    Ennis is the best
  3. bullshark77

    Official Andrew Fifita

    Lol, how quick you turn on your players
  4. bullshark77

    Official Andrew Fifita

    It sounds like a done deal, Good signing for the bulldogs, but the dogs won't stop at fafita by the sounds of thing the dogs intend to grab a few more sharks players, but I can't say who yet,
  5. bullshark77

    2001 team V 2013 team

    No way, carney destroys dykes for sure
  6. bullshark77

    (Archived) THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    Shakalacka boom boyahhhhh
  7. bullshark77

    Cant wait for footy to start

    cricket is so boring
  8. bullshark77

    That was NOT a 7 tackle try guys!

    Yeah it was but you win some you lose some
  9. bullshark77

    7th tackle

    The sharks win on the back of 7th tackle, What a hollow feeling this win is, we have had the luck of the green all year and to be honest it felt hollow making the semis, but to win in this way is worse, I really feel for the poor old cowgirls
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    2013 NRL General Discussion Thread

    Dogs will be fine Todd Greenberg is god
  11. bullshark77

    The Final Ladder

    Nah sharks will end up 6 th for sure
  12. bullshark77

    Sharks forever

    Reading through the game thread dead set some of you guys need to take a long hard look at yourself, the sharks
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    2013 NRL General Discussion Thread

    Dogs are hammering them
  14. bullshark77

    Crowd Behaviour

    Humm you might want to work on that, bad language in front of your kids ain't cool dude.
  15. bullshark77

    Free To Air Sharks

    That would be awesome
  16. bullshark77

    2013 NRL General Discussion Thread

    Is that you toovey
  17. bullshark77

    Sharks' $2m crisis

    That article I's concerning for the club to say the least, why is every year doom and gloom for the sharks yet somehow we always land on our feet
  18. bullshark77

    2013 NRL General Discussion Thread

    Cant argue with that either. And if we had a better NSW Cup comp, played on game day with firsts and under 20's then my comment regarding double headers would hold less water, Given the current set up, we have, I would love to see more double headers.