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  1. mjef3966

    ASADA Saga Thread

    in the DT it reported 4 shark players got Show cause notice, but on the sharks website it suggested 5 players got the Show cause does anyone know who the 5th player is?
  2. mjef3966

    2013 NRL General Discussion Thread

    Hey Guys, I’ve been following the media reports on the sharks situation pretty closely this year, needless to say but the daily telegraph seems to be hitting the sharks with negative publicity more than any other media paper or news group. In particular Rebecca Wilson has pretty much had her...
  3. mjef3966

    Holden Cup - Team News

    I can’t find a thread for Holden Cup (FKA Toyota Cup) team news and information, If there is one please move this there. Just wanted to bring up Winstone Asotasi, Has anyone seen him play yet? From what I’ve heard he is a much better player than his older brother, will be interesting to see...
  4. mjef3966

    Sharks Salary Cap Cheats ????

    didn't you know the sharks squad trained with al Qaeda over the off season
  5. mjef3966

    2013 or 2014?

    Have we not learnt as shark supporters to never get ahead of ourselves? Lets just hope for more consistency next year
  6. mjef3966

    Deliver Sharks.....Its Time

    Point taken, just trying to stay as positive as possible in bad situation :b Yeah agree South’s game means Jack we should be in the top 4, we dropped games we should have won. I hope people don’t turn on Flanno at the end of the year though.... I think he has done a great Job
  7. mjef3966

    Deliver Sharks.....Its Time

    Agree and well said, Unfortunately we always crack under pressure, I don’t see the sharks Winning 4 games in a row in the semi finals. Some promising news though is that we have taken a giant step forward (finally!!!) after 11ish years of rebuilding… not this year and I say this because I have...
  8. mjef3966

    Will we still make the finals?!?

    you can have my left nut if that happens.
  9. mjef3966

    Will we still make the finals?!?

    I would take a 13+ Sharks this weekend heck go 19+ we are due for one anyway... if we don’t bounce back strong from last week then i would say why bother make the 8
  10. mjef3966

    What Would you Rather see in 2010...Sharks or Socceroos Win?

    Just want to know, would you rather see.... A. Sharks win Premiership in 2010 B. Australia win FIFA World Cup in 2010 Don’t worry guys wont post these again :drunk
  11. mjef3966

    Let's start talking football

    Forget all that other crap and let’s start talking football!!! Positive news!! For those like myself keen to see Ben Orcher play fullback, I can tell you it’s very possible that we may see him play in the next couple of weeks... don’t be surprised if he makes his debut this week. you might...
  12. mjef3966

    Cronulla Sharks Board + Management

    Right on Stuart... I know where i will vote. this was a long time coming, I just cannot belive they have been there for so long... its crazy they should have been shown the door with Chris Anderson... good luck
  13. mjef3966

    Check out what these w****rs are saying about the Sharks

    I feel like ripping into them!!! Just pissed me off so much. I think they are a little pissed off that they can’t sign any big names. Unlike south’s sharks don’t sign 2nd rated players for high money just because they had a few good games.... it just goes to show they panic too quickly and...
  14. mjef3966

    Grand Stand Name???

    Trying to search the forum to find if there has been any suggestions for the name of the new grandstand? has there been any suggestions? I personally think naming it after Steve Rogers would be the most appropriate.
  15. mjef3966

    This Year's Opinions?

    I strongly feel that the Storms are so dirty, not only that they get away with so much. they are constantly slowing the play the ball working players on the ground and holding for too long. and they still get away with it. Dirtiest team of the year 1. Storms (The dirtiest team since the...
  16. mjef3966

    Loss to Souths

    Shyt YEP yet again we played SHYT!
  17. mjef3966

    Player Contracts

    I know I seen a thread like this before, however I noticed that in the Sharks website they finally put the players contracts. I noticed that gallen is off contract at the end of the season... didn’t he resign a 3 year deal last year? Or is it just a...
  18. mjef3966


    It’s quite obvious that our defense is our strength, even though we have had some scary moments on the right wing… and it wasn’t just the first 10mins of last night but I also noticed it against the knights. Never the less it has improved and no doubt we have shown that we have one of the best...
  19. mjef3966

    For And Against

    wow I was just having a look at the table and i can see that we have the least points scored against us... which is some achievement Considering we haven’t started the year on a high note. I only wish we had the most points scored for as well.
  20. mjef3966

    Wendell Sailor coming back to the NRL

    I hear Wendell is coming back next season.... does anyone know if the sharks are going to chase him? I would love to see a high profile player like him join the club maybe just what we need.