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  1. SharkBoy

    Josh Dugan

    Righto hero
  2. SharkBoy

    Official Johnny Mannah

    Hopefully Mannah can have a full pre-season and push for a spot on the bench come round 1. Dougie, Snow, Mannah, Vave all fit would be a kick-ass prop rotation.
  3. SharkBoy

    NRL Round 21 2011: Glory Bound Round: Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks @ Brisbane Broncos - Friday 29 July 7:35PM

    I just can't wait for the Sharks vs. Broncos up here. Another chance to yell abuse at Parker
  4. SharkBoy

    Official Wade Graham

    **** how drunk were you last night snow? haha
  5. SharkBoy

    Official Wade Graham

    trashed and im still truing to make sense of this ben rogers crap
  6. SharkBoy

    Official Wade Graham

    im too depressed after snow talked to me and i didnt understand ****! :P hahaha love ya snow
  7. SharkBoy

    Official Wade Graham

    i just saw ben rogers on this thraaead ben rogers sucks cock **** him and **** that **** ofr an idea
  8. SharkBoy

    Official Wade Graham

    Watching what I have of him, I think his running game will be what we expected of Trent. He's young so he'll be better. You'll be a popular president Jaz!
  9. SharkBoy

    Official Wade Graham

    He'll be the Trent Barrett we never had
  10. SharkBoy

    Official Wade Graham

    I think it will be hard for him this week, I reckon he'll be trying hard to impress. Also being in and out of the team this year probably wont help his cause either.
  11. SharkBoy

    Sharks Greats Past And Present

  12. SharkBoy


    Toops in action
  13. SharkBoy

    Toops Going Hard

    Vs Broncos.
  14. SharkBoy

    A Jubilant Tim Smith

    Good times, good times.
  15. SharkBoy

    Dougie Hitting It Up

    Vs. the Warriors
  16. SharkBoy

    Sharks Fans Stick Solid

    Anyone know the details here?
  17. SharkBoy

    Chad Townsend And Josh Lewis

    Chad Townsend (L) and Josh Lewis at pre-season training.
  18. SharkBoy

    Beau Scott Gets Smashed

    Beau Scott up against his old club and getting hammered.
  19. SharkBoy


    Sharks Celebrate Against The Enemy Round 1, 2008 vs Sea Eagles.