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  1. DeathMoth

    GF tix

    That was a ****ing ordeal. Shafted somewhere up top and I was on the ****ing trigger.
  2. DeathMoth

    GF tix

    Bald brothers unite
  3. DeathMoth

    Official Wade Graham

    Fergo is a defensive liability on our own line. He is forced into bad situations by other nearby defenders who force the overlap but when there's that overlap Fergo almost always steps in on the centre leaving the winger unmarked to stroll over and it has happened numerous times during origin...
  4. DeathMoth

    ASADA Saga Thread

    Logged in to say the same thing. And now I must go...
  5. DeathMoth

    Second Elimation Final: North Qld Cowboys Vs Cronulla Sharks 7:45 Saturday 19th September 1300 Smiles Stadium

    I'm nervous about this one. ****ing JT. Someone take the c*** out.
  6. DeathMoth

    Official Michael Ennis

    Never hated him. More guys should play like him.
  7. DeathMoth

    Official Andrew Fifita

    I haven't seen a Shark be this evasive since David Peachey.
  8. DeathMoth

    The Stripping Rule

    I dunno if it would work but to me they could change it so it's penalised if it's either a two-handed or blatant deliberate effort to work the ball free in a 2 or more man tackle. Two-handed, it's obvious that he's playing the ball and not the man. Blatant effort would require the ref to see...
  9. DeathMoth

    Official Andrew Fifita

    Wow. Six weeks for saying some words. This league is a piece of ****ing ****. No wonder fans aren't bothering.
  10. DeathMoth

    Official Andrew Fifita

    One thing that hasn't been mentioned too often is the ref's role in this. Refs are renowned for their ineptitude particularly in the game of rugby league. If the League is getting jack of so called "ref abuse", why don't they invest more into producing refs who know what the **** they're doing?
  11. DeathMoth

    Official Andrew Fifita

    The ****test thing about this whole **** storm is that it highlights quite obviously the media bias against the Sharks. Here we've got SKD, alleged to be a complete and utter piece of ****, running and hiding in a psych ward somewhere, while simultaneously having the media come and fondle his...
  12. DeathMoth

    Official Andrew Fifita

    What a beat up! When ya got guys out here beating up chicks, who cares if a guy used some words to intimidate someone. ****ing jesus what a pussy arsed world we live in.
  13. DeathMoth

    (Archived) THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    The prophecy is beginning to unfold.
  14. DeathMoth

    Team tactics for 2015

    We need more settling touch finders. We need more inside balls. We need our props to drop the ball more. We need all our marquee players to be playing positions that aren't their best position. We need to take the two.
  15. DeathMoth

    Flanno Out

    Haven't signed a decent coach in years.
  16. DeathMoth

    Feedback - game day experience for home games

    I reckon it's boring as ****. Footy is a **** game to watch in person especially with this joke of a team. Maybe if the bastards could produce some attacking football the games would be enjoyable. As for all the other things: the place reeks of "poorly organised carnival".
  17. DeathMoth

    Lyall Gorman

    I haven't logged in for ages. The first post i see is Gards quoting up a storm. Nothing's changed I see.
  18. DeathMoth

    ASADA Saga Thread

    This whole thing is a ****ing joke. Well done Sharks management of 2011 for bringing us to this point.
  19. DeathMoth

    Official Mitch Brown

    This is exactly what I've been talking about.