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    Official Nicho Hynes

    A bit annoyed that he kicks early in the tackle count too often. Should be done sparingly. I reckon he did it 3 or four times in the first half alone
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    Official Braden Hamlin-Uele

    Gonna miss him. Was definitely a beast last week and tonight. BHU is one of those blokes who takes a while to get back in to top form when he returns from injury. Hope for the best. I see him as our enforcer
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    Official Wade Graham

    I heard he's pretty good at peeling oranges
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    2023 NRL Round 7 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks v Sydney Roosters @ Pointsbet Stadium Friday 14th April @ 6pm

    Keep Roycey. He wasn't great tonight though. Hazelton can take Wade's bench spot. Can't believe he's still in the 17
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    Official Matt Ikuvalu

    Has this guy ever played Centre? I'm starting to think Sifa would be better going back to the forwards
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    Official Nicho Hynes

    To me, Capewell is solid, and has had some very good moments. In my opinion, he does seem to go missing in games, and doesn't play full intensity. I still like him though.
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    Game on NOW Thread

    Despite being down, I am seeing some real promising signs from the Tigers. I am convinced they are still a small chance of finishing as high as 16th at the end of the year
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    Official Nicho Hynes

    I think that's only after 2 Hia's if I'm not mistaken, so if you lose someone like Hynes early, you wouldn't be able to replace him with a another key playmaker until a second head knock occurred, given that most teams are unlikely to carry an out and out playmaker on a 4 man bench
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    Official Nicho Hynes

    Given the new changes to the concussion protocol, I think the bench should be expanded from 17 to 18. There needs to be some sort of relief for the clubs, if it has now become easier for a player to be wiped out for the game. Two head knocks in a match, and half your bench is gone. An extra...
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    Official Nicho Hynes

    For me Trindall has to be at least be on the bench. Yeah, we will be a bit light on in big forwards as far as the interchange goes assuming that Can McInnes should hold his spot, but Trindall has shown his value. I think Moylan knows that he can't afford to play too many sub standard games in a row
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    Official Nicho Hynes

    Don't worry. Will DEFINITELY play this week. Will come on after calf time
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    Official Jesse Ramien

    Yeah. Did a lot of dumb things tonight but when he's good he's very good. He will probably never make that many mistakes ever again.... here's hoping anyway
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    Official Jesse Ramien

    Yep. Worst game he has ever played. Like what has been said, just take the tackle at the end and Parra don't get a sniff. What an absolute shocker!
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    Official Teig Wilton

    I'm tipping Teig to not only be Captain of the Sharks by April, but to also lead the Kangaroos out on to the field in their next Test Match
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    Official Oregon Kaufusi

    Of course we are. That's what we do as Sharkies supporters😁
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    Official Kade Dykes

    I reckon if Kennedy doesn't work out, we give Ronnie a go at Fullback. Some comparisons between the 2 Chiming into the backline - Have to give that one to Kennedy. Had plenty of experience and looks dangerous when he's on, good passing game. Running the ball back - Ronnie for mine, and looks...
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    Official Wade Graham

    Even if he is now on small money, that isn't the main issue in my eyes. It's playing out on the left edge. I now consider him a hindrance to the fluency of our backline rather than an asset