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    2023 NRL Round 5 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks v New Zealand Warriors @ Pointsbet Stadium Sunday 2nd April @ 4:05pm

    Awesome start, everything going sharks. Wish we'd gone for the try there to capitalise on momentum
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    2022 NRL Round 12 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs. Sydney Roosters @ Points Bet Stadium Saturday 28 May 7:35pm

    No they've all attended the Chad Townsend/Jeff robson school of 5th tackle options
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    2022 NRL Round 12 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs. Sydney Roosters @ Points Bet Stadium Saturday 28 May 7:35pm

    Manu is a professional foul every day of the week. Unbelievable that was let go
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    2022 NRL Round 9 - Cronulla Sutherland Sharks Vs New Zealand Warriors @ Pointsbet Stadium, Sunday 8th of May 4.05pm

    Hahahahahah watching the warriors presser, the sharks song is so loud they can barely hear the questions
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    3-2-1 vs Canberra (Round 1 2022)

    3 Wilton 2 Brailey 1 Finucane
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    (Archived) THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    Good player but would want top tier money after playing Origin this year Not sure we a) can afford it or b) want another big money forward contract
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    Official Braydon Trindall

    Commentary said yesterday it was his 5th (yes, FIFTH) start as a 7 He's playing behind an underperforming, weak pack He's STILL our sole gameplay kicker (which everyone said was Chad's struggle) He ran for almost 100m yesterday, scored a try and had a hand in one or two others - he put Nikora...
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    3-2-1 vs Brisbane (Round 24)

    Moylan Trindall Katoa HM Ramien
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    3-2-1 vs Wests Tigers (Round 23)

    3. Trindall 2. Kennedy 1. Metcalf
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    3-2-1 vs NZ Warriors (Round 21)

    Haha. Okay Uele 2 Williams 1
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    3-2-1 vs NZ Warriors (Round 21)

    3 - Will Kennedy 2 - Kane Evans 1 - Hamlin-Uele
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    Official Will Chambers

    Yeah he carried on tonight. Yeah it wasn't his best game. At least he gives a **** about the result and shows passion There's a lot worse backup centre options out there for 2022
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    Official Braydon Trindall

    Mind you hes played 17 first grade matches 9 or 10 of which were off the bench for 10-15 minutes. He's creating chances, kicking goals well, forcing errors and had a great game tonight. He's not as good as SJ yet but he's improving and I'm stoked to see it
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    Official Luke Metcalf

    Really happy with him tonight, only played 15 minutes but felt like he had a real impact in the 2nd half Popped up around the middle everywhere and looked dangerous
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    3-2-1 vs Gold Coast (Round 12)

    3. Ramien 2. Moylan 1. Mulitalo
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    3-2-1 vs Canterbury (Round 7)

    3 - Tracey 2 - Talakai 1 - Wilton
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    Official Will Chambers

    I only saw the second half and he was average. Tried to make his mark and made a few errors. eg 4th tackle 30m out, he runs into dummy half. Hooker comes and tries to push him out of the way but he takes it himself and tries a run down the shortside, gets tackled and drops it. Won a penalty...