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    nrl finals

    Saturday because of rugby test. So broncos will play Friday or Sunday. Hawthorn v Geelong are Friday night so Storm don't want to play Friday
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    "Unofficial" NRL-Round-18 v Penrith Panthers (Who will be in the side?)

    1. Barba 2. Val 3. Beale 4. Stein 5. Feki 6. Brown 7. Chad 8. Prior 9. Ennis 10. Taga 11. Lewis 12. Bakuya 13. Paulo 14. Heino 15. JSL 16. Capewell 17. Brailey
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    (Archived) THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    Wonder why we aren't going for Lowe. He might not want to leave Queensland? I would offer him 500-600. Or just keep Lewis around next year and play him off the bench
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    (Archived) THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    Savage, Magoulis, Vasquez, Salmon. They won't be ready till at least 2018 though
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    Breakout/Standout Year

    Bird at fullback. I don't think Barba suits our style at all. He is at his best when receiving the ball out the back from sweep plays. Our edge forwards Graham and Lewis don't run those inside shoulder decoy lines. They like early ball to use their footwork and ballplaying ability. Bird will...
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    Rebuilding. Who do you keep?

    Yeh I suppose Moraitis could make the step up. He is great in attack, can play before the line and can offload, good footwork. Needs to majorly improve his defence though. Honestly I don't think clarke will ever make it. He has a good kicking game but tracey and the sg.ball halves are better...
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    If You Were The Coach, What Would You Do?

    Gordon should be dropped IMO. Is prone to mistakes from kicks and is the least creative fullback in the comp. barba/holmes are better at fullback, feki/holmes/gagan are better wingers, he wouldn't handle the defence at centre
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    Rebuilding. Who do you keep?

    I'm a big fan of playing juniors but those two really need to play a lot better to be considered for first grade next year
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    Lyall Gorman

    We can't afford a big payout so Flanno will still be here till at least the end of 2016. Paying out coaches is what got us in big financial trouble in the 2000s. No idea why they gave a Flanno a 3 year deal when no one else would of touched him. Give him a 2 year deal and say prove urself after...
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    (Archived) THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    These results were always eventually going to happen. Gordon, robson, gallen, tupou, heighno, lewis are all in their 30s and all past it.
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    Official Wade Graham

    Too much sideways running, his defence has improved though. IMO his best season was in 2012 which is worrying, as I don't think he has progressed at all. to be fair to him he has the worst tactical/skills coach in the game coaching him
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    (Archived) THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    Robson - I would resign him as DEPTH can play 7 or 9. Gordon- I wouldn't resign him, he has been declining the last couple of years and i reckon he would really struggle in 2016. Gagan and feki are better wingers. He won't stay as depth Gallen - I don't mind if he leaves, only get around 15...
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    (Archived) THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    I would be a bit worried about hodkinsons knee...
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    Official Andrew Fifita

    Needs a good kick up the arse. Too erratic and makes stupid mistakes in our own half
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    (Archived) THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    Deitz got selected for origin pathways and Brailey was part of the Australian Schoolboys side so they might be an option post ennis
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    (Archived) THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    Des loves lichaa, lichaa was very close to signing with manly a few years ago.
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    Auckland Nines Jersey / Tournament

    Lewis is the 'Watto' of the nrl
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    (Archived) THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    I'm hearing the newtown nsw cup agreement is becoming tricky. Apparently they only want to take 6 of our players so the club has no idea what they are going to do with the rest of our reserve graders
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    Todd Murphy

    It looks like he has a top skill set. Long/short Kicking game, running game, good passing range. None of that will matter if he can't physically handle the nrl