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  1. MMsharks

    Official William Kennedy

    the odd game he gets manhandled on kick returns by teams but some runs tonight from kick return unbelievable outstanding! other than that he is a valuable player at the back and attacking adds something
  2. MMsharks

    Official Jesse Ramien

    glad you mentioned yes he was very good
  3. MMsharks

    Official Royce Hunt

    keep this fella on or for sh!ts and giggles - start him
  4. MMsharks

    Official Nicho Hynes

    lol commentator said no injury concerns lol probably lying
  5. MMsharks

    3-2-1 3-2-1 vs Dragons (Round 4, 2023)

    3 nicho 2 nikora 1 brailey
  6. MMsharks

    OWB Blayke Brailey

    oops sorry Sir Chadley wrong thread! i should be banished
  7. MMsharks

    OWB Blayke Brailey

    when nicho is off this last bit we have nothing in attack last set here needs to prove me wrong
  8. MMsharks

    Official Nicho Hynes

    golden boy nicho