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  1. Wilson

    Official 2023 NRL Round 4 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs. St George Illawarra Dragons @ Jubilee Stadium Sunday 26th March @ 6:15pm

    I’d love for someone to find me when the last time Moylan passed out the back when we were within 10m of the line.
  2. Wilson

    Official Craig Fitzgibbon

    What changes can you make to address individual defensive decisions long-term other than dropping the player?
  3. Wilson

    Official Craig Fitzgibbon

    Haha, maybe just the Eels game then.
  4. Wilson

    Official Craig Fitzgibbon

    No, but it means a team is always continuing to develop. Go watch each game again, the tries we have conceded are not from poor coaching and poor defensive structures. They’ve been from awful individual defensive decisions (Talakai, round 1), awful individual one on one tackles (Moylan round 1...
  5. Wilson

    Official Craig Fitzgibbon

    Or maybe, just maybe, it’s round three and there are a couple of things to iron out.
  6. Wilson

    Official Craig Fitzgibbon

    It’s legitimately the third game in out of 27 rounds lol.
  7. Wilson

    Official Craig Fitzgibbon

    How so? Third best defensive record in the competition last year. We’re fucking three rounds in, pretty bloody good effort in 18 months really.
  8. Wilson

    Official Craig Fitzgibbon

    Coach out there making tackles is he?
  9. Wilson

    Official Craig Fitzgibbon

    You would find that flair we’ve developed over the last couple of years would be driven from the players within the backline more than any coaching.
  10. Wilson

    Official Craig Fitzgibbon

    He got the team to second on the ladder last year. You say it was off the back of Hynes, and yet he hasn’t played this year and you’re still beating it up. Special place this joint fair dinkum.
  11. Wilson

    3-2-1 3-2-1 vs Canberra (Round 3)

    3. Trindall 2. Kennedy 1. Nikora
  12. Wilson

    Official Matt Moylan

    The inability for Moylan to defend one on one has got to be the biggest contributor if / when he loses his spot to Trindall.
  13. Wilson

    Official Craig Fitzgibbon

    Finished second in his first season and it’s the end of the world because we lost to the Raiders in round 3. Special joint this place fair dinkum.
  14. Wilson

    Official Braydon Trindall

    Does he defend better with Hynes in the team? Does he find the ability to kick with Hynes in the team? This Moylan is twice the player with Hynes is such horse ****.
  15. Wilson

    Official Braydon Trindall

    He was incredible again. His direction has been impeccable and he should be lauded for his kicking game. It’s been terrific and has kept us in both games thus far. A undervalued highlight from the game tonight is his tackle on Sivo for his no try. Straight in under the ribs on the try line...
  16. Wilson

    Official Jesse Ramien

    Arguably his worst game for us. The calls to drop him are pretty laughable though. He’ll bounce back, always does.
  17. Wilson

    3-2-1 3-2-1 vs Parramatta (Round 2, 2023)

    3. Trindall 2. Kennedy 1. Nikora
  18. Wilson

    Official Oregon Kaufusi

    10 runs for 103 metres and 22 tackles with 2 missed in 38 minutes of football. Harsh critics you blokes
  19. Wilson

    Official Siosifa Talakai

    **** centre though cause he can’t defend 2 on 1’s when Moylan leaves him stranded.