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    Official Josh Morris

    Holy S*** josh morris signs a 2 year deal.
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    Official Aaron Woods

    48 Hours.
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    Sharks Expectations 2018

    7th think our halves will struggle next year.
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    Quick Debate, Do we lack speed in the team?

    Do we lack speed? I feel like we could do with a few quick players in the team.Could be a very slow backline with dugan gray feki and moylan if he were to sign
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    My true identity....

    I'm Buzz Rothfield. You heard it here first !
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    RD 17 Sydney Roosters Vs. Cronulla Sharks @ CCS Saturday 1st of July 3pm

    This game could get ugly if sharks repeat tonight's performance.
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    Official Josh Dugan

    Will be announced in the next few days. In my opinion i don't think he is worth a mil a season and is overrated but oh well.
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    2017 World Club Challenge

    Should be a cracker of a game, but I do feel Wigan will beat us in the end. We have too many new combinations that need to gel.
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    Breaking Ben Barba's Back!!

    Ben has signed with the sharks for 1 year.
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    Official Tony Williams

    T-rex has signed a 1 year deal with the club. What is eveyones thoughts on the signing? I think its a dud signing to be honest.
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    Member List Cull

    Glad i made the cut too! Wow what a win it was we are premiers baby!!! no better feeling
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    Enough's enough. Who is Dosit?

    You guys are awesome, this has to be the kindest forum I have ever been on! But it seems you have it wrong, i am my own man not someone elses second account. Btw i will be bringing back dosits monday scoops soon so you can all enjoy ! Have a nice day
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    I love you all.

    Love you all, you blokes are the best!
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    Official Andrew Fifita

    Looks like Andrew will be missing quiet a few weeks
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    Round 26, Melbourne trip.

    Won't give one till game day
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    Round 26, Melbourne trip.

    I might be going down to the game too guys, would be great to meet you all!
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    Australia v New Zealand Hunter Stadium, Newcastle, NSW Fri 6 May 2016, 07:50 PM

    Beale has been terrible in the defence so far I feel he may let in a few tonight
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    Rob Willis

    An absolute legend , such a good media guy for the Sharks.