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  1. Tatus

    Official William Kennedy

    I really like this by Nicho. Publicly challenging Will like that. Looking forward to seeing how responds (on the field)
  2. Tatus

    Official Toby Rudolf

    He said union is easier on the body? I must have been playing a different game. Stg every time I played that stupid game I was picking up an injury. I’m a bit off this bloke atm. Literally said a couple weeks back he couldn’t see him self going anywhere, now it’s this. If he could hold onto the...
  3. Tatus

    Official Royce Hunt

    And getting concussed.
  4. Tatus

    OWB Blayke Brailey

    North Queensland would take him. They love taking our rejects and then beating us in the finals.
  5. Tatus

    THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    Wests have had their share of talent to go to the club already, they Kust can’t do anything with it. Daine Laurie was probably a better FB prospect than Will before he went to the tigers too. Also have Charlie Staines who looked like he could be anything in the panthers jnrs but both look like...
  6. Tatus

    2023 NRL Round 3 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs. Canberra Raiders @ GIO Stadium Sunday 19th March @ 6:15pm

    That’s a big out for them. The prick always gets them fired up.
  7. Tatus

    2023 NRL Round 3 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs. Canberra Raiders @ GIO Stadium Sunday 19th March @ 6:15pm

    I remember the dragons had quite the hoodoo down there back in the day. 14 years without a win in Canberra. Thankfully it’s been a week of upsets. We are favourites in the betting, but real fans know we don’t beat Canberra so I’m claiming underdog status.
  8. Tatus

    Official William Kennedy

    Yeah, was watching something with him on it. I guessed Kearny after his hint, but I had no idea.
  9. Tatus

    Official William Kennedy

    Ding, ding, ding. Kearney in ‘07. Loved that bloke. Poor man’s Billy Slater
  10. Tatus

    Official William Kennedy

    Peachy is one. The other was a little later. Not Holmes
  11. Tatus

    Official William Kennedy

    Little bit of trivia. Will Kennedy is only the 3rd sharks FB to score a hat trick. Without checking, who are the other 2?
  12. Tatus

    Official 2023 NRL General Discussion

    That mushroom part doesn’t surprise me. I actually wondered what had brought on his episode on and thought he must have had an adverse reaction to some drug.
  13. Tatus

    Official 2023 NRL General Discussion

    I think he’s taking the piss. Come out of the bathroom rubbing his nose doing his best Ponga impression. No idea why that jersey is on tho.
  14. Tatus

    Official Briton Nikora

    Boys on the bloke in the bar just gave him massive wraps. Even put down Johnson’s form when he was with us down to having Nikora outside him.
  15. Tatus

    Official Jesse Ramien

    2 games is a pretty small sample size to go from though. It’s not like he was bulldozing everyone last year with the extra weight either.
  16. Tatus

    Official William Kennedy

    I’d love for it to be longer, but it’s smart in the sense that we don’t have all our players coming off contract at once. If he kills it, there is nothing stopping us from extending him.
  17. Tatus

    Official Braydon Trindall

    Kind of reminds me of when we first got Barba and played him off the bench. Didn’t really work out that well. Some players need to be on for the whole game for them to really shine.
  18. Tatus

    Official Takupa Hau Tapuha

    Unofficial, as the only place I’ve seen it mentioned is here and Zero Tackle. He was in the 2022 Māori all stars team for anyone wanting to catch a glimpse of him. Came on at 11.29 & 54.45 and played 9 minutes. Number 18 I think.
  19. Tatus

    Official William Kennedy

    I think going from being the best player in the team to having support around him + injury, made him a bit unappealing to some. That and the consensus that he’s a bad fullback because he doesn’t sniff around the ruck enough. I don’t think I’ve seen a player improve so much in back to back years...
  20. Tatus

    Official Cameron McInnes

    You can be the one to tell him. I’ll stand back and watch