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  1. Mr Wright

    Official James Segeyaro

    What a peanut
  2. Mr Wright

    2020-2021 Home Games

    Sharks home game 5 minutes from my house. Nice So this is what it feels like for you shire folk
  3. Mr Wright

    Official Briton Nikora

    Great game again. Once his body matures a little bit more he's going to be a rep player
  4. Mr Wright

    Official Briton Nikora

    Beyond excited to see this bloke start round 1
  5. Mr Wright

    Our First Five Games 2019

    Knowing us we'll go 4 and 1 and lose to the titans. Those ****s always do well against us
  6. Mr Wright

    Best signings in Sharks history

    Its almost as if top 10 lists are subjective...
  7. Mr Wright

    Official Wade Graham

    Gutted for him. When he was healthy this year he was fantastic for us. Weve lost that extra edge to our attack now.
  8. Mr Wright

    Goal Kicking

    Hes kicking at 75% on the season. Which is the exact same % Cleary, Shaun Johnson and Adam Reynolds have kicked this season. Noted gun goalkickers Croker and JT only kicked at 77% this year. In summary, he could do better but it's fine.
  9. Mr Wright

    nrl finals

    $14 4 weeks ago haha
  10. Mr Wright

    R.I.P Lance Thompson

    Very sobering news. Life isnt fair sometimes. RIP Thommo you legend
  11. Mr Wright

    Official Andrew Fifita

    Buzz was enemies with fifs long before this haha. Cant remember which one but either the junior ref or FKL incident was when those began hating each other. Buzz mentioned it on 360 last year
  12. Mr Wright

    Official Andrew Fifita

    The bridge has emptied tonight
  13. Mr Wright

    Official Andrew Fifita

    Fox interviewed flanno and even he was laughing and joking about it
  14. Mr Wright

    Official Andrew Fifita

    Complete non story ffs
  15. Mr Wright

    Official Wade Graham

  16. Mr Wright

    Footballers Short of Brain Matter

    Manu Vatuvei
  17. Mr Wright

    Official Kurt Capewell

    Can blame the sharks website for that.