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  1. J

    Official Tony Williams

    Taga doesn't run the ball, he just stands around being our 13th player and scaring opposition halves. Latimore>> every day of the week.
  2. J

    Townsend v Cherry-Evans

    I still think he's quality. But i reckon jt would make that lot look half decent
  3. J

    Fullback Against The Dragons - Val or Jack?

    Should be val, he's our long and short term fullback indicated by the contract. Knowing how flanno operates though he'll be on the wing post injury, bird too good to move and a situation will arise where bird will get fb money elsewhere and we're left going into next season with val still having...
  4. J

    What is your "Pass Mark" for the Sharks in 2016?

    We should be reaching the game before the GF with our squad.
  5. J

    A-League expansion and the Sharks

    Would be great to have a team based in the shire or even st george area but wouldn't want the sharks and a southern sydney team being connected in any way, other than the ground they play at.
  6. J

    Official Andrew Fifita

    I don't believe the source of the article and it is a long shot to happen before the world cup but I could most definitely see him jump ship in the future.
  7. J

    A non-biased prediction of where you think we will finish this year.

    It won't matter where we finish if flanno doesn't make a tough decision for the first time in his coaching career and gets barba on the field for 80 minutes. With this halves pairing, an in form barba is the only way we make it out of the first round imo.
  8. J

    Our Attack 2015

    As soon as robbo stops getting the ball whenever he wants down the left when attacking their line and we go to the lewis/beale/val combination on the right we'll be much better. Our attack definitely feels easy to read, it has for aslong as I can remember. Even back when toddy was at his peak...
  9. J

    Feedback - game day experience for home games

    The drums NEED to go.
  10. J

    Christmas Hols

    hawaii for 3 weeks then snowboarding in japan for 2 weeks. So a big couple of months.
  11. J

    Official Michael Ennis

    Gotta agree with posts above, fifita is the flair prop. We need guys around him to do the hard work, gibbs, prior etc
  12. J

    Scott Sorensen

    Went to school with scott, good to see him make it. Never thought he'd get there but big props to him, had to overcome plenty of injuries and missed the majority of his 20's career through injury from memory. Very versatile player and plays with a lot of heart. Was being dominated in his...
  13. J

    Official Mitch Brown

    Not a fan of the signing.
  14. J

    Who Should We Look At For 2015?

    Nu should at the very least be doing more short kicking. From what I saw in lower grades he's good close to the line.
  15. J

    Ben Hampton I've looked through a few pages and don't remember anything he's done to deserve the crap he's copped. He's copped a lot for some wrong rumours, as cocky as he was at the time.
  16. J

    Ben Hampton

    Sharky14 may be smug on here and obviously is a good troll, just look at the personal abuse he's copped on here without giving any back. If you're going to say you're not happy with personal abuse towards you and then a week later give out what you did above it's bloody ironic.
  17. J

    Ben Hampton

    Can't stand hypocrisy and when you're whinging about personal attacks last week and now pulling this out, it's pretty rich. Especially when the rumour you're claiming wasn't actually right.
  18. J

    Ben Hampton

    Don't make yourself sound like an idiot. Your twitter "mail" was holmes to fullback gordon to centre. You got lucky with feki being injured and you're now calling him out over similarly wrong mail. Don't have a leg to stand on with that attack.
  19. J

    Who Should We Look At For 2016?

    Exactly, Sezer is an organiser, that for some reason plays in the six. Kelly is the 5/8 in the team, they just wear the opposite numbers.
  20. J

    Who Should We Look At For 2015?

    Being realistic, copley and hoffman should be high on our lists for the centres next season. Other than them the only other move that i'd make in that position would be a gamble on kyle stanley, still has plenty of talent but injury prone, he also lives around here. If we can't get these three...