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  1. Mark^Bastard

    Who should we sign for 2020?

    Thought I'd get the ball rolling. I reckon we should target Peachey for a bench utility spot and offload one of the Braileys. Obviously need a winger or two as well.
  2. Mark^Bastard

    Official Ronaldo Mulitalo

    Named as 18th man, ahead of Katoa. Anyone know how he goes?
  3. Mark^Bastard

    Sharks A to Z (only enter if you're bored)

    I saw on Twitter that we've become the second club to have a player (current and past) with a surname starting with each letter of the alphabet. So if you're bored, let's check a player in each slot. I chucked in some to get us going. Xerri was the last to complete the set by the way. A - B -...
  4. Mark^Bastard

    Is it okay to cheat in professional sport?

    Simple question...
  5. Mark^Bastard

    How does the NRL compare to other sports?

    Okay, I don't really get into any other sports. I just find them too inferior to Rugby League to bother. I have no interest in putting the effort in. So I'm just thinking about the NRL in general and the way club grants work etc. It's great that we've come a long way and club grants match or...
  6. Mark^Bastard

    Official Braydon Trindall

    Extended two years and in the development squad. Great news.
  7. Mark^Bastard

    Plenty of Sharks named in PM's 13 squad

  8. Mark^Bastard

    Goal Kicking

    So it seems clear that Holmes isn't any better than Chad and we may need a kicker. Should we factor that in to recruitment plans? Or spend the off season re-evaluating current options? I think Holmes is more likely to be an 80%+ kicker with training, so if we manage to extend him we should...
  9. Mark^Bastard

    2017 Finals Series

    Likely Sharks run. All are sudden death. No bogey teams on the run to the GF. If anything, they are some teams we have been comfortable with. 1 – Cowboys - They are busted, playing in SYD, and we have good form against them. Lose and we are chokers. 2 – Eels (Assuming Storm win). They will be...
  10. Mark^Bastard

    Team of Juniors and Debutantes

    Hypothetical thread. You have to make a Sharks NRL side using only players that meet the following criteria: 1 - Bonafide local junior even if they have never played Sharks NRL OR Made their NRL debut for the Sharks. 2 - As they are right now. You can pick retired, Union or Super League players...
  11. Mark^Bastard

    Who do we want from the Tigers?

    Seems inevitable we will be getting some subsidised players. Who do we want?
  12. Mark^Bastard

    Official Jayden Brailey

    Don't think I have seen a thread for this guy yet. Was this his last year in the NYC?
  13. Mark^Bastard

    Who do you pick for the next game?

    There will be more than 17 deserving players available by the look of it. Assuming Gallen and Taga are back as reported. No matter what, I would not leave Capewell out. I would even go as far as saying he needs decent minutes. 1 - Barba 2 - Feki 3 - Bird 4 - Leutele 5 - Holmes 6 - Maloney 7 -...
  14. Mark^Bastard

    NRL Round 10, 2016: Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs. Newcastle Knights

    Interested in peoples thoughts on who we rest / give game time to. I reckon some fringe guys need a run so that our depth is ready for later in the year when it may be needed. Gagan for example. We also could have injury and suspension to deal with.
  15. Mark^Bastard

    2016: Sharks 50th season

    Premiership in the bag. You heard it here first! Quote me later. Cheers.
  16. Mark^Bastard

    Interesting fact

    If we didn't concede that intercept try at the death against the Titans we'd be coming fifth right now.
  17. Mark^Bastard

    Rebuilding. Who do you keep?

    If you were in charge of rebuilding the club who would you keep, who woukd you drop, who would you try to recruit? I think we are done. The current senior players will not see success at the club. Because of this there is no point in persisting. We must rebuild. KEEP: Ennis Graham A Fifita D...
  18. Mark^Bastard

    The wooden spoon

    This is a thread about the wooden spoon. First of all likelihood: The only other team with a mathematical possibility of getting the spoon is the Raiders. They are on -185. We are on -262. The difference is 77 points. They also are on one more win than us. Round 25: Raiders play the Tigers in...
  19. Mark^Bastard

    Steve Noyce

    Useless. How much is he paid and what return does it give the club?
  20. Mark^Bastard

    Hypothetical Question

    Let's say the Sharks franchise gets a compulsory two year suspension from professional sport, based on say half the team being guilty and having two year bans themselves. The NRL would need to fulfil its obligations for 8 games a week, so they'd have to take the remaining Sharks players, then...