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  1. Sir Chadley

    Season Review - 2022 & Porter-Gallen Medal Night

    The end finally came for us on Saturday night, and it’s taken me a few days to let it sink in and get over the disappointment. It really was one of the worst final series for us since the days of ’99 and ’88 when we had horrible results. Many of us I think held fears privately that this would...
  2. Sir Chadley

    2022 NRL Round 25 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs. Newcastle Knights @ McDonald Jones Stadium Sunday 4 September @ 2:00pm

    Last regular round of the season. As in the last few games, should be a cakewalk on paper. Knights are not playing well, have little confidence and could not beat a Titans side last week who were down to 12 men in the second half with 30 minutes still to go. But we still need to get the job...
  3. Sir Chadley

    2022 NRL Round 23 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs Manly Sea Eagles @ 4 Pines Park, Saturday 20 August @ 5:30pm

    On paper this should be a cakewalk. On past experiences it is anything but. We all know that Manly could trot out their entire feeder club side and we'd still get beaten. But is this a different Sharks side with Fitz at the helm? It is worth noting that players like Nicho, Dale, Cam and...
  4. Sir Chadley

    2022 NRL Round 22 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs Wests Tigers @ Scully Park Tamworth, Saturday 13 August @ 5:30pm

    On first impressions, should be an easy win for us. But the Tigers have been having a go recently and we are looking a bit threadbare with key players out and others in doubt. So is it a win by 50 or will be another error-riddled, mistake-filled, frustrating-as-hell, nail-biting 1-6 point win...
  5. Sir Chadley

    2022 NRL Round 18 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs. North Queensland Cowboys @ Queensland Country Bank Stadium, Townsville, Friday 15th July 6:00pm

    Ok guys, confess. Who has had this game marked in their calendar once the draw came out? Well if you didn't I bet Chad Townsend and Valentine Holmes did. Gonna be one tough clash up there against these guys, Todd Payten has got them playing an exciting and tough brand of footy and it is no...
  6. Sir Chadley

    2022 NRL Round 14 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs. NZ Warriors @ Moreton Daily Stadium Redcliffe, Sunday 12 June 6:15pm

    A must win game for us. Team list out tomorrow will be interesting. It is agreed by most we need more grunt up front while BHU and Dale are out. Anyone think it would be good to have Hazleton start and go like the clappers for 20 minutes before bringing Hunt on? I really think at the moment...
  7. Sir Chadley

    2022 NRL Round 12 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs. Sydney Roosters @ Points Bet Stadium Saturday 28 May 7:35pm

    Ok, it is Team List Tuesday so I thought I'd put up the thread for Saturday's game against the Chooks. What will Fitz go with? Will he find room for Lachie Miller in the 17 or is back to the Jets for him? Will Sifa be named or is he going to miss this one? And can we beat the Roosters? They...
  8. Sir Chadley

    What's it take to be a good Head Coach

    With Trent Barrett's departure and all the speculation about other coaches under pressure, I thought I'd get all your thoughts on what you think makes a good Head Coach in the NRL. What are the qualities for success?
  9. Sir Chadley

    2022 NRL Round 9 - Cronulla Sutherland Sharks Vs New Zealand Warriors @ Pointsbet Stadium, Sunday 8th of May 4.05pm

    If this game had have been last week, we could have been in terrible trouble taking the Warriors too lightly after they got smashed by the Storm. With the Warriors being last start winners, hopefully there'll be none of that this weekend. But to be fair, the Raiders were terrible with the...
  10. Sir Chadley

    2022 NRL Round 8 - Cronulla Sutherland Sharks Vs Brisbane Broncos @ Suncorp Stadium, Thursday 28th April 7.50pm

    Team list comes out later today, so I thought I would get the thread started. Hopefully DF is back but probably not Wade.
  11. Sir Chadley

    State of Origin 2022

    I looked through to see if we had any specific threads on Origin this year but I couldn't find one. I know it is early, Game One is not until the 8th of June so still around 8 weeks away. We are playing well but I'm not too sure we have all that many Sharks players in the mix. But of the...
  12. Sir Chadley

    2022 NRL Round 6 - Cronulla Sutherland Sharks Vs Melbourne Storm @ Aami Park Melbourne, Saturday 16th April 7.35pm

    I’m starting this thread early because I’m sure there’ll be a fair bit of discussion. Also, just out of curiosity I researched how much it would cost for me and my 12 year old son to go to the game. Best I could find was $179 for each of us one way via Virgin (Qantas was $210 each), then $130...
  13. Sir Chadley

    Sharks vs The Big Guns

    As we’ve seen in the first four rounds, and hopefully on Sunday, we are a good side in 2022 and we are all excited at the work Fitz has done especially on our defence. It is great to see the players have bought into the system and are working for each other. Players that have struggled in...
  14. Sir Chadley

    2022 NRL Round 5 - Cronulla Sutherland Sharks Vs Wests Tigers @ PointsBet Stadium, Sunday 10th April 4.05pm

    Sounds strange if I say this is a big game. But it is. This is actually a test of our mindset, attitude and Fitz's ability to motivate. Ask any layman in the street who knows a little bit about Rugby League and they would say Sharks by at least 40. HB will agree with this! :p But we all...
  15. Sir Chadley

    2022 NRL Round 1: Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs. Canberra Raiders @ GIO Stadium - Friday March 11 @ 6:00 pm

    OK, time to get a wee bit excited! Round 1 is just 9 days away now. A tricky little trip to Canberra against Ricky's boys. It will certainly be a tough game, especially with no Wade, no Williams, no McInnes, no Trindall, and no Pele. What does Fitz do? Does he bring in Berrell to cover...
  16. Sir Chadley

    First Try Scorer - 2022

    This is the usual thread I put up each year to see if you can predict who our first try scorer will be. Hope it does come in Round 1! Let us all know your choice. Not sure what I am doing wrong but the poll won't allow me to list more than 10 players.
  17. Sir Chadley

    Trial Match - Sharks v Panthers Sunday 20th February 2022

    So first trial match this Sunday against the Panthers. Of course, we don't take much from trials these days, just important that everyone gets through unscathed. This is at the old Bank West Stadium, which is now Commbank Stadium. I haven't put the time on the thread because the NRL website...
  18. Sir Chadley

    2022 Playing Style

    The 2022 season is only weeks away now and for us Sharks fans the expectations are high and we are all keen to see how our new recruits go. We all know Fitz is defence oriented, so hopefully that will steel up our defence (Steve Price will also help) but what about our attack? How will we...
  19. Sir Chadley

    2021 NRL Round 24: Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs. Brisbane Broncos @ Suncorp Stadium - Saturday 28 August @ 5.30pm

    Well 'ere we go folks, while some shred of hope still lingers on in our seemingly futile journey towards this year's Top 8, let's dust off our battle jackets again and saddle up fer one more ride into town and take that next rung on the ladder by demolishing the Brisbane Broncos at Suncorp. Our...
  20. Sir Chadley

    Player Ratings 2021

    Here are my player ratings for 2021 - open for discussion, ridicule and abuse. :) There are still four games to go until the semis but I don't think our player's form will change much in that time, in fact this thread probably helps them - every chance the rating could be lower if I did this at...