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    Official Connor Tracey

    His play the ball speed alone can change the momentum.
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    Wade Graham

    Having watched the replay Im sure there is a moment in the second half where Wade is being directed on where to be and where to run around the middle third by our Trainer. I know it’s common place , but not for Wade and seems to me he is being re-trained on his role.
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    Wade Graham

    I mentioned a few weeks ago Wade needed to re-invent his style of play… he looked good today running it through the middle. I think that is where he could be most effective through the middle with an off load , taking to the line and distributing when it’s on…
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    Wade Graham

    Fitz definitely looked shifty and unsettled when asked the question.. Something tells me Wade is going to have some work to do make it back. I recall some off-season questions to Fitz about Wade’s captaincy and he was was less then convincing about his willingness to back Wade. We all hope Wade...
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    Wade Graham

    I think if Wade has a future here we need to redefine his roll. He just doesn’t offer what is required of an edge forward these days- he’s lost a yard or 3 , crams his outside men, struggles to break tackles and lately his left foot kick has been largely in-effective. Perhaps he does have...
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    Wade Graham

    How do we fit Wade in when williams is back? Does Fifita drop out ?
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    THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    Fitzy talks a lot about what players do off the ball. I get a sense he sees and likes what Connor does in our backline to make the whole backline better. It may be in defence of attack or both, but if he improves out backline as system then I am happy for him to get a fair crack there…. even...
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    Official Nicho Hynes

    Yep, has to be one of the fittest in the game.
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    Official Matt Moylan

    Looks to me like Moylan is a bit confused as to what his role is with Nicho on the field. I’m confident Fitz will sort that out and Moylan will work into being more involved…. We are 2 games …
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    Official Royce Hunt

    I’m going to call a massive year from Hunt. I think he is just the player we need to win the battle of the interchange and by mid season we’ll see him as critical to our forward pack dominating other sides. Seems to have the right temperament and desire ( and built like an F’ing tank ) Flame...
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    Official Andrew Fifita

    Pleased for him tonight. If he could do that every week then he would be in the 17. Just don’t think he can play like that week in week out though
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    Official Jayden Berrell

    I hope that’s exactly how it goes
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    Official Jayden Berrell

    Heard from a pretty good source yesterday that Brailey will have his hands full keeping his spot over this bloke
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    Official Braydon Trindall

    I actually like his grubber near the line….He just needs to get better at it and force the repeat set. Think his long kicking game needs lots of work. Lacks direction and effect. Kinda kicks like my 7 year old where he holds the the ball way out it front and drops it on his foot from a height...
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    Cronulla Sharks Board + Management

    How good is Dino going !👏
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    Last Game at Home ( for 2 years supposedly)

    No I doubt I’ll get flamed for starting a new thread on this- but doesn’t this topic deserve it? I know this has been discussed under the “Development update “ thread but this is different. There’s just something so fishy about the whole process and it has my spidey senses going. The refurb of...
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    Official Blayke Brailey

    Yep that’s what I’d do
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    Cronulla Sharks Board + Management

    A fully committed and dedicated Gould could be ok I guess - don’t really need to go into what he could bring ( at his best ) to the club as it’s fairly obvious. My concern lies with wether or not he would genuinely have the best interest of the club at heart in everything he does and every...