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  1. Murphy

    Fullback discussions in the wake of the Nathan Gardner knee injury

    given gards has an expected acl injury which is horrible news, who are our fullbacks, i watch pickard every week and would be comfortable with him slotting straight in, is isaac gordon back?
  2. Murphy


    today sanyo have withdrawn thier major sponsership of 12years from the panthers due to a new take over WOW
  3. Murphy

    Cronulla Sharks Board + Management

    thanks for the info johnno what issues were there?
  4. Murphy

    Another NRL Coach Gone - Kevin Moore Quits

    moore has quit
  5. Murphy

    Sharks Announce Player Signings

    degois tafua green wright!/LeagueWeek
  6. Murphy

    ivan cleary

    2morrow the warriors r having a press conference cleary will be off to the penriff panthers
  7. Murphy

    roosters v storm nyc

    tonights nyc game has been cancelled due to roosters players unable to get on a plane, tonights officials are also stuck in the sydney airport main gae in doubt
  8. Murphy

    Jason Bakuya fist fight!!!!!!
  9. Murphy

    Breaking News on the Forum.

    Today will be the day snowman breaks peacheys posts as an addict on the this forum, its been fun listen to some of this dribble, wanted to be the first to say congrats, so congrats. Does this get me off the xmas card blacklist:p
  10. Murphy

    Gal on nrl on fox.

    Gal is on nrl fox 1930pm peeps, make sure you bastard bow to the tv when you see Gal and if your a bannana bender you will need a shamwow to wipe the piss of ur leg when you see him.
  11. Murphy

    Newcastle Supporters

    Default Newcatle supporters IS THERE 2 A.SNOWDEN'S
  12. Murphy

    How Many Points To Make The Eight?

    how points is it going to take to make the eight,
  13. Murphy

    i have a few questions about this forum. i have posted on here for a couple of years now, how does this forum work in regards to the day to day running, is this site owned by a person or the club and how did this site actually start? if a person runs this site does the owner get paid and if so...
  14. Murphy

    New NRL Slogan

    dream, believe, achieve sounds like something else ive heard believe, be seen, become
  15. Murphy

    Signed CSSC Hat

    gallen and barrett signed cssc Hat
  16. Murphy

    2011 General NRL Discussion Thread

    looks like **** should of copyrighted this ****ers
  17. Murphy

    Paul Gallen Framed Jersey

    The writting on the jersey is as follows: To Murphy My Greatest Fan Paul Gallen
  18. Murphy

    Shane Flanagan On The Kade Contract Affair

    gone for shizzle
  19. Murphy

    Idea For The NRL Season Draw

    So with the 2011 draw recently being announced and it seems like a few clubs gave hooley jana's to the nrl to get the draw they did... Why doesn't the nrl make an event of out of the season draw? What I mean is to have a tv broadcast of the matches being pooled out using a similar lottery...