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  1. Art Vandelay

    On the hunt - Superleague Jersey

    Hey everyone As some from twitter and LU know im on the hunt for a 97 superleague jersey. Signed or unsigned. Either is fine. Thought i would cover all bases and post in here. I will pay a nice price if you want to sell me one. Hit me up here or twitter @james_inns I was @RCBSharks but...
  2. Art Vandelay


    I need a few for supercoach. this is the league code. standard league go nuts 998018
  3. Art Vandelay

    Merch Ideas/Question to those in the know

    So i was in the big jersey store in canberra yesterday. they have an online website too. also the "official" retailer for the raiders. more merch than you can poke a stick at. every team is there. obviously our jerseys arent going to be ready yet due to the sponsorship and blah blah and thats...
  4. Art Vandelay

    Calm Before The Massacre

    Canberra Stadium hours before the Raiders wiped us to the floor. But did we come back or what! -