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  1. Hughesy215

    Sharks Tattoos

    I've got no idea how to post properly and I'm not fussed on learning. If I stuffed up sorry but someone with a better knowledge of the "rules" will fix it. I am designing my sharks tattoo. Never had one before and am a pretty tame guy so I'm not rushing into it. I want the words "Up Up" and...
  2. Hughesy215

    Watching the NRL abroad

    With this week being a bye round I figure the forum will be a little slower so I am taking the opportunity to ask for some advice. I am headed overseas for a few months to Europe.... My first trip overseas (I know!!! Why didn't I go last year when we were ****!) Is there anywhere you know of...
  3. Hughesy215


    If anyone sees these golf clubs on ebay or something similar could you PLEASE PLEASE send me a Private inbox message. The titliest bag is pretty common but the clubs are not Srixon Irons Titleist 4 wood Nike Driver Odyssey Putter I know its a stretch but the more eyes the better I simply...
  4. Hughesy215

    Corrupting young minds

    As some of you may or may not know I am studying to become a primary school teacher. I did a casual day the other day and the teacher left me some work the class had to do. In the afternoon she said she wanted a music lesson taught. Didn't say what to do just a music lesson as she had promised...
  5. Hughesy215

    Heart Warming

    Hello everyone! For those who are reading a post of mine for the first time I am a die hard sharks fan who lives right in the heart of panther land in Penrith... I am 21 years old and a uni student. A part time job that I do every friday is care for a 20 year old boy (Josh) from the Blue...