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  1. Master Sharky

    Official Johnny Mannah

    RIP Jon Mannah. You touched so many lives, so glad we had the privelidge to have you wear our jersey.
  2. Master Sharky

    Daily Telegraph Supercoach

    Anyone who wants to join a league i have set up can join league N.O 532522.
  3. Master Sharky

    The Paul Gallen Stand, NOW!

    This is a petition for the naming of the Southern Stand at Toyota Stadium. Why wait for Gal to retire before we go ahead with it, why shouldn't Gal be able to enjoy playing in front of his stand now? :cheers Sure i can see the risk if Gal gets involved in a "Greg Bird" type saga, but that...
  4. Master Sharky

    Official Andrew Fifita

    Oh yeah, don't feel so bad about Snowy and Dougie now. Great news!
  5. Master Sharky

    On tonight, 1978 Cronulla V Manly Grand Final

    Fox sports 2 tonight at 9:30 is showing a replay of this Grand Final. Not the result we wanted but still interesting to watch.
  6. Master Sharky

    Official Johnny Mannah

    I dont fear a cleanout at our club, the only players i would keep would be; P Gallen (of course) J Smith K Snowden (If we can?) W Graham A Kelly (hopefully,sign him up now!) J Williams J Morris A Tupou N Gardner C Best B Wright M Wright S Vave J Cordoba They are the only players i would make...
  7. Master Sharky

    Who Should Partner Graham In The Halves?

    After we announced the signing of Wade Graham yesterday, i was wondering who should partner him in the halves next year. Im leaning towards Tim Smith at 7 and Graham at 6 after a off season under Flanno, i think they could make a great combination. Other options are Porter, Kelly, and Morris...
  8. Master Sharky

    Sharks All Star team Choice?

    I picked Luke Douglas as my Sharks Rep for the All Star Team yesterday, who did you all pick for the All Star Team?
  9. Master Sharky


    Saw a really good banner at the Canberra V Brisbane game on the weekend, it read "Only soft Hunt's play AFL" Thought i would throw this out there and see if anyone else can remember any other really good ones? Or maybe some new ones we could make up for Sharks home games?
  10. Master Sharky

    Cronulla Sharks Board + Management

    These Women have the credentials to keep us alive financially! Just maybe what we need to finnally be successfull!!!! Cmon Sharks!
  11. Master Sharky

    Cronulla Sharks Board + Management

    Does anyone know if Madeline Tynan is still going to be involved in our club?
  12. Master Sharky

    Does Ricky have the right to stop players playing Rep footy?

    Hearing this morning that Ricky wants to stop Trent Barrett from playing Rep Footy, can he do this? Is this going to deter other players from signing with the Sharks on the off chance they may be restricted from playing Rep footy? I cant see how Ricky can do this,and im not so sure he would...
  13. Master Sharky

    Where do we spend the money freed up by Andersons departure??

    Who do we chase with the money? Crocker,Eastwood or put it in the bank and wait for Carney?? Your thoughts??
  14. Master Sharky

    Who's to blame for Origin loss??

    Just wanted to throw this out there and get a gauge of who people are blaming for the origin loss? I am leaning towards the coach/selectors for picking the halves combination and outside backs. What does everybody else think??
  15. Master Sharky

    Seu Seu,any news if we have signed him to a deal yet??

    Does anyone know if Seu Seu has or is going to sign a contract for next year??
  16. Master Sharky

    Should Greg Bird be the NSW 5/8, or go to lock?

    What is everybody else's opinion on this, i agree Greg looked good in the 1st game and the forwards didnt make it easy for him in the 2nd game. But playing 5/8 isnt his natural position, so when he needed to rely on instinct it may not have been there for him?? :birdno