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  1. gosharkies

    can anyone help with a charity event i am organizing

    I am running a corporate golf and cocktail event on the 10th September. part of the event is a charity auction where we are raising money for Tweed Heads Hospital. I was hoping to get a signed sharks football to auction off as we already have a Titians and Broncos signed footballs to auction. I...
  2. gosharkies

    Round 14 2013 NRL: Cronulla Sutherland Sharks V Parramatta Eels, Sharks Stadium, Saturday 15th June, 7:30pm

    I am really looking forward to this game. hoping for a big win to ease the pain from last nights loss. having Gallen back and playing at home has to be a big advantage to us. does anyone know when gibbs is back?
  3. gosharkies

    would you want to sign

    any of the 12 unwanted Parramatta players, if yes which ones and why?
  4. gosharkies

    who is likely to play origin

    provided they are both fit and available Gallen and Lewis will be both in the blues team. Carney more than likely to be as well. fifita is probually a very good chance of atleast a bench spot. i also think that gordan is a big chance, more likely as a winger than fullback. as i think the blues...
  5. gosharkies

    changes to the instruction rule question

    do you think the changes to the obstruction rule will be good for the sharks or do you think other teams will get more of advantage than us from it?
  6. gosharkies

    ticket issues

    i am coming down to see the sharks vs dragons game in round 4. i have been forced to but my airline tickets cause they are selling fast being easter weekend. i cannot however buy my tickets for the game and no one at the sharks club or ticketek can tell me when they go on sale. this is very...
  7. gosharkies

    current sharks odds

    the sharks current odds with sports bet are $1.50 to make top 8 $2.75 to make top 4 $11 to win grand final i will more than likely have a bet on all 3 of these markets, to me sharks making the top 8 is a safe bet, making the top 4 may not be a safe bet, but i still think we are a good chance...
  8. gosharkies

    can history repeat?

    next season is the 47th season for the sharks and it took the eels 47 seasons to win their first comp, i think next year is our best chance to win the comp for a long time. i know we have gone close a few times and i think the pressure of never having won a comp seems to make it harder. but...
  9. gosharkies

    which teams will improve, get worse etc

    the teams i expect to perform worse than this year are: BRONCOS- the loss of ben te'o and petro cionicia MANLY- the loss of tony williams STORM- the loss of siki manu,jamian lowe, todd lowrie and dane neilson WARRIORS- the loss of james moloney and micheal luck DRAGONS-the loss of beau scott...
  10. gosharkies

    cap space

    the mainstream press seems to indicate that we needed to release smith to sign both ryan and herrington. but the leader indicated that we did not not release smith to sign these players meaning we would have want ever smith was on to spend on other players. does anyone know if we do have any cap...
  11. gosharkies

    clearly not enough room for all in sharks pool

    according to article with title the same as this thread states, that issac gordan, john williams, josh cordoba and jon green are all on the look for new clubs next year. would guys like to see us keep any of theses players and why? to me it all comes down to how much room we have to move under...
  12. gosharkies

    how do you think we will go in 2013

    with confirmed signings of micheal gordan, luke lewis johnathan wright and topou sopoaga. plus the likely signings of beau ryan and heighington. with best and frizzell confirmed as leaving and smith likely to be going to newcastle. we will also have gardner available as well. we will have a...
  13. gosharkies

    our off contract players which ones should we re sign?

    according to zero tackle we have the following players oof contract which ones would you want to see re signed best corodoba feki issac gordan graham ricky leutele morris tyrone peachey nathan stapelton callum tahalua john williams i think we all know that best will retire at the end of the year...
  14. gosharkies

    how does this years team compare to our 2002 team

    the last time the sharks won 6 games in a row was in 2002 when we finished one game short of the grand final, which raises an interesting question how does our current team compare to our team in 2002?
  15. gosharkies


    with all this recent talk about slater recently and at the end of last year with lockler about these players being considered immortals, i have not heard anyone suggest that gallen should be considered for this honour. but i can not think of anyone that would deserve this honour more. want do...
  16. gosharkies

    should the nrl be able to award the 2 points to the team that should have won?

    in games like yesterday when key refering decisions costs the sharks the win, should the nrl be able to right the wrongs and give the points to us? As the video ref states he would have awarded bests try and the tigers should never have be awarded a penalty that led to marshall kicking the...
  17. gosharkies

    junior ruguby league

    i live in banora point near tweed heads on the nsw & qld border, the afl has their auskicks program running at my daughters school. but nothing from the nrl, i think this is really bad as some of these kids may end up playing aussie rules instead of the greatest game of all. i think the nrl...
  18. gosharkies

    sam tomkins eyes move to nrl

    there is a article in todays daily telegraph saying he wants to play in the nrl after his current contract finishes. were we linked to him a year or so ago, does anyone know when he is off contract? also does anyone know if the club is still interested in him?
  19. gosharkies

    how does our 2012 team compare to 2010 roosters side

    i think our team has a much better forward pack, i think the roosters may have had a better back line. so i guess the teams are strong in different areas. but the question remains can we emulate the roosters & make the grand final or hopefully win the grand final? what do you guys think?
  20. gosharkies

    what would be your top 17 next year

    my side would be 1 gardner 2 mills 3 best 4 wright 5 williams 6 kelly 7 carney 8 ross 9 de gois 10 gibbs 11 j smith 12 graham 13 gallen bench fifia morris toops bukuya/tagatese