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    Match 2022 NRL Round 16 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs. Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs @ CommBank Stadium, Sydney, Saturday 2nd July 3:00pm

    Sharks are a good team playing bad, Dogs are a bad team playing good Prediction 20-20 after 90 mins and a meltdown on both forums
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    2nd Trial Game Sharks vs. Tigpies Sat 24 Feb 2018 7:00pm - Campbelltown Sports Stadium

    Flanno's Hunger Games round 2 menu to be released today/wednesday
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    NRL Round 2, 2016: Cronulla Sutherland Sharks v St George Illawarra Dragons, Sunday 13th March 4pm @ Shark Park

    Pumped for this game Even if we don't improve on our performance in the Cowboys game we should win A loss would be inexcusable
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    Robson settling touch finder vs. Storm tonight - which minute does it occur (place your bets)

    *Sharks must be trailing by 10 points or more at the time of the settling touch finder for it to qualify. Ball must not cross the sideline on the full. Must be kicked by bald man wearing Sharks number 7 jersey Winner will get a complimentary midi of Hahn Premium Light from me at next home game...
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    Round 3 2015 Cronulla Sharks vs. Melbourne Storm Sat 21 Mar 2015, 7:30pm @ AAMI Park

    Ironically the grinding style of game is probably the only chance we have of being competitive against the Storm but defense out wide will need to be impeccable otherwise the floodgates will open and we will get embarrassed which is a strong chance regardless First game away from home will be...
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    Remondis Stadium Revenue & Expenditure

    Can't see that this has been posted. The entire article is worth a read regarding teams stadiums and relative profits. I've copied the Sharks part below. We need to drink more beer to bring that catering figure up... ;) Source:SMH...
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    Sharks Forever Team of the Year 2013

    With finals looming no better time than to name the official Sharks Forever Team of the Year for season 2013! Who has made it??? 1. Opeth (Storming into the fight) 2. A.Snowden (popular inclusion and knows how to cross the line) 3. egg (collapses under pressure) 4. Jigsaw (part of every black...
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    2013 Team Lists - Name yours

    I know we are right in the thick of 2012 but thought it could be a bit of fun to post some speculative team lists for 2013 based on who we know we should have available. It used to be a weekly thing around here to do our team lists when we were losing every game but havn't seen as much of it...
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    Game Plan & Attitude 2012

    What I will say that over the last season and a bit is that the game plan looks to be first half keep it tight, play conservative. What I would usually see is that this does not work. Leaking soft points, poor ball handling, poor decision making in attack. We don't look switched on. By half...
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    Is 2011 the year of the forward pass?

    It seems every season there is some new refereing controversy, crack down ect around rule interpretations or the like. Incorrect rulings on forward passings have really got me this year and seem to stand out above other of the other many rubbish calls or flavours of the month. I think this is...
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    For those in Melbourne wondering where to watch NRL on Fox (Live)

    Having a girlfriend living down in AFL land Melbourne meant I had to find a way to watch my Sharks while down there on some weekends. It's very tough down there to find anywhere showing live NRL games. This led me to find a website of passionate NRL followers based in Victoria. Each week they...
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    Try Conversions - My Thoughts

    Is anyone else over them? I think I am. They are boring the socks off me how long it takes for a kicker to line it up and slot it over. After a try is scored there is enough time to go make a cup of tea and come back to watch it. I want to see more actual footy! I relise they are a...
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    A Horse Named "Snow Alert"

    Doubt anyone was at Rosehill race course yesterday afternoon but I placed a little wager on this horse simply because (you guessed it) reminded me of our own great beast Kade Snowden. She wasn't the favourtie but still had fairly short odds for the win and the little ripper did WIN the race...
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    Aug 2010 - A Snapshot In Time Of The Cronulla Sharks

    As it stands we have had 2 horror seasons on and off the field, sentiment towards the Sharks is generally low, fans are scratching their heads searching for answers that are not coming, crowds are down, finances are strapped, you get the idea - I wont go on. Personally I will not give up and I...
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    If The Sharks Were Cars...

    With all the doomsday talk at the moment I thought we might be due for a bit of creative fun. Assuming we don't know what these players actually drive, I'm asking the question of if they were a car themselves what would they be: Let me get the ball rolling (or tire I should say) Feel free to...