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  1. Thresher Shark

    Official Thomas Hazelton Wade Graham out, Tom Hazelton in.
  2. Thresher Shark

    Official Nene Macdonald

    Thought I'd start a thread seeing as it looks like he's signed with us. Big, fast, agile and coordinated. Here's to a long and successful future with the Mighty Sharks!
  3. Thresher Shark

    Harmen Props

    With deference to Endevour Shark I'd like you to post the names of men who have displayed true courage, grit, a solid work ethic and plenty of man-made metres up the front for their team/s over the years. I'll start the ball rolling with Les Davidson. He was hard as a pair of cement boots and...
  4. Thresher Shark

    Official Jacob Gagan

    Didn't Gagan score a try against us in one of the pre-season games?
  5. Thresher Shark

    Best websites for NRL news for a cheapskate like me who doesn't like paywalls

    Any suggestions/recommendations appreciated.
  6. Thresher Shark

    Official David Fifita

    Time for a thread dedicated to David 'Defeater' Fifita, brother of The Metre Eater!