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  1. Riverside MF

    Official Briton Nikora

    Drops too much ball and when he does he chooses to put on a puzzled look on his face like “it’s not my fault, it’s his fault”. Really pisses me off. And we’ve got McInnes sitting on the bench.
  2. Riverside MF

    Official Blayke Brailey

    Thought a lot of his dummy half service tonight looked sluggish
  3. Riverside MF

    3-2-1 3-2-1 vs Gold Coast (Round 11 2022)

    Brailey Hynes Miller Hard to leave McInnes out
  4. Riverside MF

    Official Lachie Miller

    I like him over Tracey as the back line back up. And over Trindall. Has a lot to offer.
  5. Riverside MF

    3-2-1 3-2-1 vs NZ Warriors (Round 9 2022)

    3. Johnson - Killed it for the Sharks 😂 Real pick 3. Hynes - Fantastic performance 2. Fifita - That 10 minutes with Ramien off. He was a giant and saved our game. Had the team believe! 1. McInnes - Line speed, defence, play the ball speed. A class weapon. The only poor players tonight were...
  6. Riverside MF

    Official Chad Townsend

    Bring Chad home 😂
  7. Riverside MF

    Game on NOW Thread

    4 try assists. I think I just **** the bed.
  8. Riverside MF

    Game on NOW Thread

    If only Chad had this much mongrel playing for club that raised him…
  9. Riverside MF

    3-2-1 3-2-1 vs Brisbane (Round 8, 2022)

    3. Kennedy 2. Ramien 1. Moylan
  10. Riverside MF

    3-2-1 3-2-1 vs Manly (Round 7 2022)

    3. T Bone Big Dawg 2. Hynes 3. Ronaldo
  11. Riverside MF

    Official Matt Moylan

    Another game to prove his detractors (including myself) wrong. Good on him.
  12. Riverside MF

    Official Nicho Hynes

    I wouldn’t stop at my number. I’d be chucking him my undies too
  13. Riverside MF

    Official Nicho Hynes

    Along with Dale. His shittest game so far in our colours. But if that’s his shittest game. We have bought the best half in the nrl. (Minus the goal kicking)
  14. Riverside MF

    Official Dale Finucane

    Worst game in sharks colours but still miles better than the fill ins after Gal.
  15. Riverside MF

    Wade Graham

    I don’t think he improves the current squad. Today he may have been a difference, but the past 4 weeks. I dunno. Love the guy for his past contributions. But maybe he starts on the bench to earn his spot back. Or doesn’t…
  16. Riverside MF

    Wade Graham

    I agree with this sentiment. IMO he wouldn’t deliberately derail the team dynamic. Can’t say the same for past senior players whom have had a different attitude. I feel like (from what I’ve observed over the years) Wade is a team first kind of guy. Unfortunately, I don’t see where he fits in...
  17. Riverside MF

    Wade Graham

    Triggered 😂😂😂
  18. Riverside MF

    2022 Playing Style

    The thing that excites me most this year. We are so fucking fast! I can’t remember a Sharks team with this much speed!