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  1. Sparkles

    2022 Winter Olympics

    Australia just won its first Ever Olympic curling game. What a moment in sport.
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    Surely this isn't the only current NFL thread..?! Anyway... thought I'd share the arsiest play I've seen in a long time
  3. Sparkles

    Creating polls

    Anyone know how?
  4. Sparkles

    Slow Starts Vs Dynamic Bench

    Here's the thing I can't shake, and I'm sure you all can explain it. Why are we so proud of having our most dynamic forwards on the bench, yet still bemoan our slow starts? I understand that our current bench really packs a punch when they come on. That's terrific. I genuinely love seeing...
  5. Sparkles

    The NRL's best NFL squad

    If you could make up a starting 22 man squad (offense/defence) from all current NRL players, who would you pick and in which positions?
  6. Sparkles

    Best signings in Sharks history

    SJ goth me thinking... who would our top 5 (10?) signings of all time be?
  7. Sparkles

    Name your Sharks staff dream team

    We talk about playing rosters a lot, a bag the balls out of the coach, but who would be your dream team on the staff side? Fill in the positions with own ideas, I'm starting with: Coach: I like Flanno. I'd take Bellamy. Assistant coach: Ennis. Like his dummy half self, I thibk he'd play his...
  8. Sparkles

    Official Jeremy Latimore

    New signing on a one year deal.
  9. Sparkles

    Sharks attacking breakdown

    Interesting video around the sharks attacking structure. Checks out. It's clever but simple play, but the real difference seems to come from the backs taking...
  10. Sparkles

    Official Matt Mcillwrick

    Anyone have any idea if he's any good...
  11. Sparkles

    Official Jackson Ferris

    18 year old utility back and a bit of a touch footy star... They have big wraps on him. Welcome to the club, Jackson...
  12. Sparkles

    Blueprint for a perfect 80 minutes

    It was maybe 7-8 rounds ago that I started thinking "by Gavin Milers nose, we seem to have found a game plan!" In the last few weeks, that game plan has disappeared. It could be the suspensions, a couple of injuries, Gal needing to keep his metres up... Any or all of these seem to have made us...
  13. Sparkles

    Parking for Sunday's game?

    Hi everyone, could you help a brutha out with some parking tips for Sunday's game? It's bound to be a sell out, and with that comes the mad scramble to find a spot, so any advice would be helpful. I'm not sure how early I can make it to the ground, so any sneaky back street, off the radar style...
  14. Sparkles

    Goal kicking front rower

    Did we have one? I feel like we did, once, but can't pluck out a name...?
  15. Sparkles

    In which round will Ben Barba be injured?

    For the purpose of the poll, we need to state that the injury must be of several weeks to qualify.
  16. Sparkles

    Forum Word of the Month is...

    I'd like to officially recognise the best, most used word for this month. It was quite a list,but came down to two finalists. First runner up: This A favorite that's found its way back into fashion again. Only pipped at the post due to its limited use. Winner: Stifle Congratulations to...
  17. Sparkles

    Help a brother out - Bunnies or Dragons FTW tonight?

    I'm going for the mythical perfect round in my tipping comp, and need your advice as to which way to go tonight. There's the very real chance that the change in coach at the Dragqueens will make the impossible happen, but I'm not giving up the chance at the bonus points without a fight. What...
  18. Sparkles

    Name your team of real footy players

    There are players who play, and then there's guys who are just born to play. Name your starting 13 players who are just natural rugby league players. This post was inspired in part by the Justin Hodges try tonight.... I can't stand him, but it was a classic display of "backyard footy when you...
  19. Sparkles

    We're after outside backs?
  20. Sparkles

    Biting Suspension Count For International Games As Well?

    With James Graham looking at a lengthy suspension for his gnawing on what could only be a very salty Slater, will he be able to play in international matches (NRL World Cup in February), or would those games he has to sit out be counted in the regular season alone?