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  1. Louis

    Bruno Cullen CEO quits the sharks

    More information coming soon apparently.
  2. Louis


    Subject title says it all.
  3. Louis

    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at Shark Park

    I remember years ago seeing a photo of the rock at shark park. Does anyone still have this photo? Would love to track it down. Cheers!
  4. Louis

    Snapback Design Opportunity.

    Ok guys, so more or less the "Capped Out" cap store in Carringbah stock all NRL New Era caps, the owner is currently working with New Era on a snapback cap for the sharks. He has asked me to come up with some design ideas for the cap, so I thought i'd throw it over to you guys. I love snapbacks...
  5. Louis

    Superleague Merchandise.

    I felt that this needed it's own thread, if mods disagree please merge with the appropriate thread. OK. So I am a huge fan of NIKE sports clothing and the brand STARTER, however I have no clothing or merchandise from the time that they were our merchandise suppliers. I KNOW THIS IS NOT EBAY...
  6. Louis

    Sharks Sticker

    Hey interwebs sharks land. I know we have some very smart people on here so i'm going to open this up to everyone and ask for some help. I'm looking to get a sharks sticker for the back window of my car. I have attached two images, one is a cap from the San Jose Sharks from the NHL and the other...
  7. Louis

    Angry Boys

    Anybody watch Chris Lillys "Angry Boys" on abc 9.00pm on Wednesdays? I suggest watching it next week, i believe the sharks are getting a mention in the "Macca mad boys" section.
  8. Louis

    Sharks Game Day Mascots

    First off, nothing to serious, but two things. 1. Where has Mr Sharkie been? 2. Mc Hammerhead needs some serious cosmetic work! I love our mascots, but where is Mr Sharkie!! Mc Hammerhead is a crowd favorite however over the last couple seasons I have noticed that his costume has started to...
  9. Louis

    Sharks Forever Volunteer Needed

    In todays leader, somebody wrote in to the "Have your say" section, where a person from Woloware spoke about the irony of LG dropping us, when the club probably would have dropped them after LG's recent public dishonesty. It was a nice little spill, i'm wondering if it was anyone on here that...
  10. Louis

    Leagues Club Membership

    Hey guys, probably not the right place etc, but I just purchased a 5 year membership from the club. I sorta just jumped in and as a first time member im not actualy quite sure what i'm entitled to or even what sort of member I am haha. Can anyone help me out?
  11. Louis

    God's Country

    God's Country
  12. Louis

    Isaac Gordon Takes a Stroll Through God's Country

    Isaac Gordon Takes a Stroll Through God's Country
  13. Louis

    Lets fold

    Now that your here! Do you guys actualy believe we are a chance of folding? That the NRL would let a club fold after almost 50 years of rugby league in the shire?