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    Andrew Johns STFU

    I can’t cop him as a commentator. He’s rubbish. Am I the only one?
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    Halfs depth

    Who else we got besides Kyle Flanagan if there's an injury or suspension? Cant see anyone in the squad list not even a utility. Taking a big risk there me thinks.
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    The new flags

    I like the idea of the flags at the ground but who is the genius at the club who ordered them. Don't they realise the blue in our colours is a sky blue, not navy blue like the Bulldogs. As a result a good initiative just looks ridiculous.
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    2014 squad

    Can we start a thread for next years squad. Who we got signed up so far? Gordon Ryan Wright Carney Robson Gallen Lewis Graham Heinington Faffita Gibbs De Gois That's only 12 players. Lot of recruitment and retention to do.
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    Paul Gallen - Help or Hindrance?

    This should make for interesting debate. I thought Gallen was woeful yesterday and in general in my opinion he hurts the teams attack more than he helps it. I watched him closely from a good position in the Burns stand yesterday and he just tries to get into every play acting like a half back...
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    Your Round 1 Team

    Gards Wright Pom Best Williams Graham Carney Gallen Smith Tupou Ross DeGois Gibbs Fafita Green Tagatese Robson I dont expect too many surprises. I reckon thats what you'll see.