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  1. DeathMoth

    2012 Standard of Refereeing Thread

    let's direct all the hatred to this thread that way we can keep the game threads for talking about how awesome we are. :gal:
  2. DeathMoth

    Fantasy League related discussion

    well he needs to log in and let us all know by 730 tomorrow. a squillion SuperCoaches are depending on the information being accurate by kick off tomorrow. inconsiderate prick
  3. DeathMoth

    Sharks coverage on IBA World Tour

    just been watching the IBA comp at The Box in WA (bodyboarding, world tour). Several time world champ Jeff Hubbard, of Hawaii, was just on screen wearing a Sharks jacket. The commentator Gregg Taylor said that Jeff is a Sharks fan after local boy Andrew Lester got him into them a few years...
  4. DeathMoth

    Sharks Cake

    yo fools today my girlfriend baked me a Sharks cake because i'm awesome and get awesome grades at uni!
  5. DeathMoth

    I require an army

    hey people every footy season a mate of mine sets up an internet forum for our group of friends to niggle one another. i'm copping a serious flogging this year and thought it might be time to enlist the help of some of you. anyone wishing to engage in this sledge match is encouraged to. the...
  6. DeathMoth

    Signed Jersey

    Here is my signed jersey. Some friends of a friend took it down to a supporters day and got it signed for me. i can only make out Misi's signature. Anyone able to make out the others?
  7. DeathMoth

    Question about beer hill at Shark Park

    a hoy hoy we're organising a mass exodus to shark park for the Knights game in a couple of weeks. there has been mention of "beer hill" the north eastern corner. whats the deal with this place, is the beer real close by, and which tickets do we buy to access this haven
  8. DeathMoth

    Moimoi suspended

    Not like its break news but Fuifui Moimoi has been suspended for one match following an early guilty plea on the ol' elbow to Noddy's face. does anyone else find it a tad ironic that after talking crap about Noddy after the game, saying he stayed down etc, that he would plead guilty to this...