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    Mills and Townsend named in Junior Kangaroos Squad

    Congrats to Stu Mills and Townsend for being named in the junior kangaroos squad
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    Greg Bird Chased By Grant Millington

    Greg Bird is pursued by Grant Millington :Round 25 2010 at Toyota Stadium, Saturday August 28th 2010 - Action Photographics
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    My Saturday night at Carmens!!!!

    as i walked into carmens on sat night, who else happened to be sitting at the TAB but none other then Buster and Brett Kearney. Both were drinking though not drunk, i have to say they handled themselves well, especially buster who just 3 days after getting booted was surrounding by 18-20 piss...
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    hey guys, i am keen to go down and watch the fella's train tho i have no idea what days they train and time and **** like that does anyone know when they train?? :cheers
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    The sharks supporters!!

    If we (the sharks supporters) are truely keen on bringing back Bird then we have to let our opinions be known. It is fine to send emails to the club, but we have to do it louder so we can be heard. I mean let the media get involved, let people know. Make signs, have a massive getthering...
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    Team for 09

    Depending of who stays and goes what do you guys think the 09 team will be I think maybe?? 1. Brett Kearney 2. Mitch Brown/ Bryson Goodwin 3. Ben Pommeroy 4. David Simmons (only coz ricky will never **** him off) 5. Luke Covell 6. Trent Barret 7. Brett Seymour 8. Ben Ross 9. Blake Green 10...