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    Signings/Re-Signings 2022

    He already is
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    Official Sione Katoa

    Bounced back after last week's debacle well I thought
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    Official Lachie Miller

    Which doesn't mean much and not many clubs stand in the way of players getting the chance to play first grade else where
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    Official Blayke Brailey

    He was phenomenal today
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    Official Royce Hunt

    The first one wade should have still made that tackle
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    3-2-1 3-2-1 vs Gold Coast (Round 11 2022)

    I'll go the same as borto
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    Official Lachie Miller

    Give him trickys spot, more chance to break open a game against tired forwards then tricky Has great footwork
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    Official Lachie Miller

    If clubs didn't notice him before they will now Won't be able to keep hold of him
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    Official Lachie Miller

    Looks lively
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    Official Braden Hamlin-Uele

    Last paragraph mentions that there will be signing and play retention news coming soon, Munster must be close to being announced
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    Official Dale Finucane

    Yeah teachers are dumb as dog ****...
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    Official Siosifa Talakai

    Has for most of his career
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    We Don't Like Cricket... We Love It!

    Shattering news, 2 of my most loved players dead within a few months