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    2019 - Footy Cards

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    Official GRAND FINAL 2016 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks v Melbourne Storm, Sunday 2 October 7:15pm @ANZ Stadium

    brings back a lot memories back reading this thread, Still gives me goosebumps and a little tear just thinking about it
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    it's the only discussion that makes sense
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    Creating polls

    Don't know, the page format has changed, i'll have a look.
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    2015 - 2022 Kit Thread

    Latest I read was the Alt jersey will be sold through Blades not this useless company that run it now
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    2015 - 2022 Kit Thread

    That blue on the jersey looks heaps better, I don't know who has the input in designs anymore.
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    2015 - 2022 Kit Thread

    Sharks started it 3 years ago (this our 3rd) to acknowledge the 75th anniversary of the campaign and they have continued the tradition with Canberra games since then.
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    2015 - 2022 Kit Thread

    thanks for that
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    2015 - 2022 Kit Thread

    Is that available from anywhere.
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    2015 - 2022 Kit Thread

    The proto types were done fully sponsored and apparently they looked good but this is when we had a merch team. The players wanted this design, I guess they didn't expect us to have no sponsors. Either way, i'm not a fan of the design as it looks now. With nothing for the Christmas tree it's...
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    Jack Bird - 2018 (2017) Cards

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    Josh Dugan - 2018 Cards

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    James Maloney - 2018 (2017) Cards

    State Of Origin
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    James Maloney - 2018 (2017) Cards

    World Cup
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    Sosaia Feki - 2018 Cards