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    First Qualifying Final, 2012 NRL: Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks v Canberra Raiders @ Canberra Stadium, Sunday 9th September @ 4:00pm

    this is going to be such a tough game. The raiders are strong in the eight. Gardner shouldnt be playing , I mean , morally as he has played minimal games in the NRL squad due to injury. He may not be ready for finals footy? Its a massive risk , personally I wouldn't do it myself. But having said...
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    Official Wade Graham

    Definately , there is some great talent in the two of them , and whilst i did doubt AK earlier on in the year , i have come to like his gameplay. I dont want the comination changed , I hope Flanagan goes back on his word , I dont want to see smith in the number 7 jersey this year.
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    Official Wade Graham

    Graham did have a **** game. However , we can change our halves , and that is what Flanagan plans to do this season , In an interview with Big League Week , Flanagan stated that the halves combination will be altered between Ak , Smitty , Graham and Porter. Personally I like our halves , but...
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    Emma And Jacqueline

    Emma Bricknell and Jacqueline
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    Hayley, Emma, And Jacqueline

    L-R Hayley, Emma, Jacqueline.
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    Three Of The Best

    3 of the best ? , Milena, and Alex.
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    From Left to Right- Haylee, Rin, Courtney , Milena, Alex and Jacqueline.
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    Jacqueline Doran

    Jacqueline Doran
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    Mermaids On The Run

    Courteney, Jacquie, Haylee, and the twins running from snowman.
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    Official Johnny Mannah

    mannah and vave for sure,, all tha wayyy! :)
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    2011 CSSC Membership

    When do cssc 2011 memberships go on sale?
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    Official Wade Graham

    hahaha how embarrasing : )).