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    Signings/Re-Signings 2022

    Yeah me too. A few young blokes didn’t make it on to bort’s list above because we are not quite sure of their status. I’m guessing Samrani is at least an NRL squad player next year (dev or T&T).
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    3-2-1 3-2-1 vs Canterbury (Round 16, 2022)

    Pulled the reverse Stewart Mills. Poor bugger.
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    State of Origin 2022

    Easy solution. You can have Hess. Qld renounces our claim on him. Play him for 80 and save money by only having to swap over 2 letters on the back of the jersey.
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    Signings/Re-Signings 2022

    If he’s that good, straight the the Jets! Outside backs you can skip Flegg if they are stand-outs. You just have to live with some awful defence for half a season.
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    OWB Braydon Trindall

    Yeah. Went well. Still kicks in to legs sometimes, and goes himself too much - but is a notch above at Cup level now. Kicked well and doesn’t panic.
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    THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    Media beat up mate. They had 3-4 blokes pull out with Covid. Looking at the players available Fifita was the best choice to play there.
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    THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    Yeah I know. Gold Coast were never the Crushers. Giants —> Seagulls —> Vikings —> Chargers —> Dolphins —> Titans
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    Match 2022 NRL Round 16 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks vs. Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs @ CommBank Stadium, Sydney, Saturday 2nd July 3:00pm

    Adds a new element when you can take your boy (or girl) along to watch the Sharkies eh? Only problem for me is that the Sharks are usually duds when they play in Qld. I keep taking my boy to losses. Have been taking him since 2015-ish. I think the win over the Warriors this year was the first...
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    THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

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    Official Sharks SG Ball (U19) Team 2022

    Our club is a feeder to Wynnum, but I haven’t done anything with them this year. I did some good stuff at the start of last year. Michael Dobson organises a lot of it. He doesn’t do any hands on though. For watching colts and Q Cup though, it just depends who I am going with. Easts and Wynnum...
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    2022 NRL General discussion

    Haven't seen him play yet, but have watched some highlights of Valance Te Whare's first few games in Q Cup. Has a body like Greg Eastwood but runs like Bronson Xerri.
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    Official Sharks SG Ball (U19) Team 2022

    Yeah. Jonah is Troy Pezet's son. Troy played for the Crushers and for Parra.
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    Official Sharks SG Ball (U19) Team 2022

    Speaking of gun prospects, a few of the better ones are getting in to Q Cup now that rep duties are finished. Mozer debuted last week Pezet is named this week Willison has played 2-3 games now I think Will keep an eye out for others