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    Membership 2022

    Isn't that basically what Ben Ross has been doing?
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    Mrs managed to order some online pretty easy. Not sure how long delivery is, but at least we'll have them here.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas all.
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    2022 NRL General discussion

    You're probably too old for him mate.
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    Official Sharksforever Whipping Boy

    He'll probably still be my whipping boy.
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    Official Lachie Miller

    I remember all of them except Noble & Bowen.
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    Official Nicho Hynes

    Almost the definition of cute...
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    Official Jayden Berrell

    I reckon Moylan will continue to disappoint with occasional glimpses of brilliance.
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    Official Luke Metcalf

    That doesn't include 3rd party payments does it? I'm sure when people quote salaries they are inclusive of this. That probably wouldn't be a large factor for our players salaries though I guess.
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    2015 - 2022 Kit Thread

    Really? That easy...
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    2022 NRL General discussion

    That's a weird way to spell stupid.
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    I love the surf, used to spend a fair bit of time there. Don't get to it much anymore. Have a home pool that I jump into when it's summer (I hate the heat).
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    Your 2022 Sharks Line Up

    I used to be a drunk pizza eating machine in my 20's, but I drink way more beer now and get too bloated...
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    Your 2022 Sharks Line Up

    Best thing ever - you're invincible and a wrecking ball. In my later years rolled that way. Didn't feel a thing until the next day...
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    Your 2022 Sharks Line Up

    I'm fully vaxxed and available, but not keen on playing sober.