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    Official 2023 Feeder Teams (Newtown Jets & De La Salle)

    Looks like another choke job
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    Official 2023 Sharks NRLW Team (Women)

    Hmm i thought I read she'd be right for the start of the season, but maybe I'm wrong. Can't seem to find much info either. Edit: found a paywalled article here
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    Official 2023 NRL General Discussion

    Metcalf named at 6 for the Wahs
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    Official Connor Tracey

    Uhhh you might want to check the rumour thread
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    Official THE RUMOUR MILL - Player Movement

    Yeah not sure what we really get out of it. Other than just being nice...guess it's time for Iro to step up in his place.
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    Match 2023 NRL Round 12 Cronulla Sutherland Sharks v Newcastle Knights @ C.ex Coffs International Stadium Coffs Harbour Saturday 20th May @ 3pm

    Giving these lower teams more possession is all part of Fitz' strategy to work on our defence.
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    Game on NOW Thread

    This might be the greatest thing I've ever watched.
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    Game on NOW Thread

    Val getting dominated as well
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    Game on NOW Thread

    Hahahah this is fucked
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    3-2-1 3-2-1 vs Newcastle (Round 12, 2023)

    3. Kennedy 2. Tracey 1. Mulitalo